Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: 101 Days

We have...almost arrived!  At the wedding day, that is.  101 Days.  Dang.  369 days ago I was getting proposed to at the Potomac Waterfront.  Wow.  I was going to say time really flies but, I don't feel like it actually did. I think the past year of engagement has been fairly medium. Scratch that.  The "2012" portion of engagement went by really slow.  The 2013 portion, from January until now, has been on such turbo speed that it's ridiculous.  The next 100 days are kind of scary, in a way.   For one thing, our first full vendor payment, you know, everything after the initial deposit, is due 30 days from now. 

Yep.  I'm about to be just a little bit poorer.  C'est la vie.  The DJ "Do not play" and "Must Play" lists are due in 25 days!!  I'm having my first official fitting to get my wedding dressed hemmed in 14 days!  Oh em gee....

Three of the five bridemaids dresses are already HERE. Crazy!  And wedding in the awesome creations from Tabibi Design...are being sent out in 10 days!

I am excited, anxious, and nervous.  I really want the wedding day to go as planned, but I'm worried it won't.  Why? Because nothing I plan goes as planned! I guess I need to just get over it and accept my crappy DIY projects will in fact be...crappy DIY projects.  UGH.  OH well. 

What We Did Last Week:
-- We finally put pen to paper and started addressing our wedding invitations.  I have to say, this process isn't my favorite.  I really liked the final product after sending out our save-the-dates, but man, it is hard to write nice for ten envelopes in a row without screwing up because you know you only have a limited supply of the nice envelopes. 
--We continued to make inquiries into renting a tent for the rehearsal dinner.  Ben had a nice idea to just buy one of those big tents.  You know, the pole tents.  But who has $7,000 in extra money just lying around??  Not us! 
--We're trying to finalize what we need for our attire.  For me, it's shoes and undergarments for my dress, since I'm having my fitting in two weeks.  For Ben and the groomsmen, it's the ties, the shirts, and the pocket squares.  So many little details.  I always worry that I'm forgetting something. 

One thing on my radar that I'm really excited about, but can't really act on yet because I'm waiting for a certain new kidney: scheduling the session for Ben's and my engagement photo shoot!  It may seem kind of weird that we're doing our engagement session when we really only have a few more months of being engaged.  I know some people do it right after getting engaged but...oh well.  This is how we're doing it.  And today I'll share with you the wonderful photographer who is going to document that session and our wedding day!  Her name is Vicki and she's amazing!  I knew she would be a good fit because one of the things she said at our first meeting with her was "I don't know about you, but I'm not photogenic."  And to that I thought, you are preaching to the choir, girlfriend.  This might sound vain, but I promise you it's not.  Many people tell me that I have a nice looking face.   But man, am I un-photogenic.  Really! I cannot take a good picture to save my life!  I can take a good fourth picture, or a good fifth or sixth picture.  But not an automatically good first picture.  So all those people who told me that I could or should be a model, I hate to break it to you but I would get kicked off the first round of America's Next Top model. I just don't take good pictures. Outside of the camera, fine.  Inside of the camera?  My face gets screwed up somehow!  I'm being 100% serious here.  Every picture you see of me on Facebook, or this blog is usually accomplished after several takes.  So that's why when I searched for a photographer I knew I wanted a photographer who could make me look good, but also make it look natural, soft and romantic, and not too posey or commercial.  And that's exactly the type of photographer I found in Vicki.  And Ben and I definitely splurged on herThe way I see it:  after the wedding day, you're gonna have to stare at those pictures of your face and your husband's face and put them on walls for other people to stare at for the rest of your life, because everything from the wedding day will either be trashed, recycled, or stored away.  So you might as well look at incredibly awesome, and possibly expensive, pictures of yourself and your husband when you were young and hot and still making out in public, and wearing really nice clothes. 

Next up on our wedding to-dos:  Picking out the food.  And I cannot promise that it won't be typical blah wedding food.