Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Overdue and Over-danced

87 Days 'Til the Wedding

Just when I started feeling caught up with the wedding planning, I slack on doing one thing and now my Martha Stewart checklist says I have 7 overdue tasks.  One of them is not in my control, er, maybe 2 of them are not in my control. But still!  It annoys me to see those little exclamation marks next to the tasks in bright orange! 

The past week was spent addressing, labeling, stamping and mailing...36 wedding invitations.  That's just about half of the full amount I need to send off.  That's it.  

I guess you could say I also did something else for the wedding: I cleaned out and organized Ben's and my dresser and closet. One of the photographers will be at our apartment photographing the guys getting ready.  That scares me a little because our apartment...needs work.  We've been living in our current apartment for a year and a half and still haven't fully decorated it the way I want to.  And that's because decorating and organizing takes money.  A lot of it.  And for the past year, we've been trying to conserve a bunch of it, not for decorating purposes, but for wedding purposes.  But now that the photographer is going to be in our apartment, we've got to find ways to invest even a little bit into making our place look presentable.  I've started with the bedroom because ever since we moved in the bedroom has been a wreck.  It's never been a priority's the bedroom!  Nobody goes in there to hang out or eat. So we haven't invested too much time or money into getting that portion of the apartment straight.  But, the bedroom is also one of the rooms in the apartment that has a ton of access to natural light, which is great for photographs.  So basically, this wedding has motivated me to actually take steps to living in a grown up apartment with picture frames and plants and shelves in their proper places, and socks in drawers instead of in an orange tub on the floor.

What's Up Next:

Up next on our radar, nothing too crazy.  We've got to finish up sending out our invitations and figure out how we're going to alert people to the rehearsal dinner.  Then I'll actually start looking for stuff for my craft projects. And of course, I get to put on my wedding dress on Monday!  I'm going in for my first fitting on Monday.

So yep, sorry this is such a boring Wedding Wednesday post!  But the truth is, sometimes during wedding planning, you're going to be in a bit of a slump or slow period.  This isn't even really a slow period.  It's mostly just a period of finishing up tasks that were started a while ago.  I'll admit that last week I confessed to feeling pretty stressed out.  I called Ben from work and told him that I just needed an "anything" day. The kidney problems combined with wedding planning for an hour everyday (which was sometimes good, and sometimes time consuming) was really getting to be A LOT.  So this past Sunday, I stayed inside.  I didn't even make it to church actually.   I woke up kind of late.  Did some cleaning, which sometimes relaxes me.  Fell asleep on the couch for like an hour and a half.  Woke up.  Cleaned some more.  Ate McDonalds (hey, Sunday is a cheat day), watched some recorded television, talked to my sister. Then suddenly, after talking about songs we wanted to hear played at the wedding, I got the urge to learn a dance from YouTube.  This is the dance.  

I practiced for about two hours while Ben played video games.  The cat even gave me some pointers.  Here's a picture of him using his super powers to transform me into Janet Jackson.

"Dance, I say! DANCE!" 

No doubt that "slacker day" is what caused me to end up with SEVEN overdue tasks, but oh well.  Once the wedding day gets here, I'll have some new moves to serve up on the dance floor.