Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Shift in Focus

80 Days 'Til the Wedding

All but four invitations have been mailed out.  22 people have said they are coming. Four people have said they are not.  And...I stepped into my wedding dress, for REAL, meaning I stayed in it for at least an hour, for the first time since I purchased it!!  YAY.  I had my fitting on March 25, to get the dressed hemmed and have some bra cups sewn into it.  Yes, I'm going semi-braless...

Anyhoo, it was another bland, blah, boring week of non-wedding planning.  That's not to say that the week or weekend was boring, but in the context of gathering material for my weekly Wedding Wednesday post it was.  I got caught up on my seven overdue tasks. Yippee!  Managed to take care of those things within an hour on Sunday.  And today I think I might actually take care of ordering some of the things I need for some Wedding DIYs.  Shouldn't be too complicated right?  Just click order and deliver! Simple.  

Yesterday, I meant to wedding plan for at least an hour. But all I did was go to the mailbox, collect two RSVP cards and update our guest list.  Then I tended to my eldest son, Bear.

Yep, that's me...or my Sim, Jewel, putting down Ben's and my screaming toddler Sim Bear for bed.  You can't tell in this picture but I'm actually pregnant here.  And last night my Sim gave birth to our second son, Hawk.  It's getting crowded in our household!  And in case you missed it...when Ben and I aren't wedding planning or doing anything productive we're playing with our Sim family on Sims 3.  In the game, Ben's a Top Gun and I'm mayor of the town.  However, I've been on maternity for almost three weeks in a row.  And that's a long time in the game.  My goal is to get promoted one more time, then have another child.  Just to give you a glimpse at how invested I am in the game, here's a snippet from the last conversation Ben and I had before falling asleep last night:

Me:  I might have to quit my job.
Ben:  Well, there is a such thing as a leave of absence.  Or an extended leave of absence.

Me:  You think so? How would that work? 
Ben:  Yeah, I think most companies have that.

Me:  Hmm, yeah because I don't know how I can stay mayor and also raise five children.
Ben:  *silence* what?

Me:  Yeah....It's getting to be a bit much. I'm talking about the game not real life!
Ben:  *silence*

Me:  Did you think I was talking about the real life?
Ben: Um...yeah...?

Me:  *laughs* Ben! No! I can't quit my real job! I need the health insurance! *laughs*
Ben:  Good night. 

I know the last two Wedding Wednesday posts have been about me just doing nothing. I'm sure it's starting to sound like I don't care. But it's actually the opposite. I'm VERY excited about the wedding--very,very VERY excited.  I'm so excited that I wish the wedding was this weekend!!  I'm sure I'll get back into the swing of wedding planning soon.  Probably next week. I think I have to next week anyways because it'll be April.