Friday, April 5, 2013

Tube-in-my-Stomach UPDATE

Originally, I was going to post a video I made of myself on my iPhone a few hours after the surgery.  Naturally, since it's technology, something went wrong and I wasn't able to upload it to the blog for today's post.  In case I don't get to upload it later, the gist is that the surgery went well. They gave me Valium.  I think they also gave me the Michael Jackson drug.  So I was OUT.  I spent the rest of the day/night resting up in bed, with moderate soreness. 

Everybody told me day two would be worse. And everybody was right.  

The good news is that I'm writing this at the end of day two and I'm regaining a lot of my mobility.  My stomach still HURTS, and I can't believe I let someone cut into it in two different places. Of all the surgeries to get, I feel like stomach surgery is one of the worst.  EVERYTHING is connected to your core muscles-- laughing, peeing, hell, even walking is.  So it's been a bit rough. But I'm making it.  

Serious shout out to the great doctors at Healthqare.  I was really nervous before the procedure but they were super nice and made me feel really comfortable.  And that place is serving some seriously good Apple Juice. For real!!  Why do the hospitals have all the good food?? 

Also, thanks to my baby sister, Danyelle, who I don't write about that much on the blog because we don't have the same blood type so she's not relevant to the conversation.  JUUUSSSST KIDDDDING!  She is relevant, and one of the most generous people I know.  Thanks to her for driving me to my doctor's appointment on Friday. 

And finally...goes without saying, thanks to Ben.  You know how I feel about you.  And no words I write on this blog will ever be able to convey it.  

Ben and I engulfed in daytime trash TV before the surgery.