Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: The Art of Not Getting Things Done

59 Days 'Til the Wedding

OK so you know how sometimes you have the best intentions of waking up early and doing everything on time and according to the plan you have laid out for the day?  And then you know how sometimes even with the best intentions you end up waking up about two hours later than you wanted to, leaving an hour later than you wanted to, making a last-minute added stop at a restaurant for lunch (even though you had a huge breakfast just hours before), and then end up not really getting all that much done because of circumstances beyond your control?  Well, that's pretty much how my year of planning this wedding has been.  

This past Saturday Ben and I had a schedule, a plan. We were going to wake up early, eat breakfast, go wedding band shopping, pick up his tailored suit and other accessories for Ben's wedding day outfit, and go grocery shopping for the week.  

Well, we managed to accomplish two of those things.  Wedding band shopping was a bust for the second time this year.  We showed up prepared to buy!  We even worked on our negotiation strategy.  The place where we were going to get our rings isn't like a chain jewelry store that's open the same time as mall hours.  And for once I wished it was, because as it turned out they were closed on Sunday.  We walked right up to the doors, just to turn around and walk back to the cars.  So the wedding is in less than two months and we don't have our wedding bands.  

While we're on the topic of things that didn't get done for the wedding this weekend, let's talk about things we don't have/haven't done yet for the wedding in general, shall we? OK!

  • Rehearsal Dinner Stuff:  We handed over the responsibility of securing a tent for the dinner to Ben's dad, thankfully.  Meanwhile, Ben and I were planning to research tables, chairs, and decorations.  I've done the research, but no money has been spent.  
  • A Veil:  Prreeeetty sure I said I was going to do that this weekend. 
  • Stuff to Keep the Kids Busy:  We're having kids at our wedding.  Kids?! I know. And guess what-- I don't care!  I actually like kids.  We're planning to have special items at the seats for kids.  Again, no money has been spent on these items yet.
  • Sheet Music for the Communion Song:  Waaaaaay overdue, but apparently Citipointe is not in the business of making sheet music for piano players.  So we're having to improvise.
  • A Marriage License:  In Virginia you can get these 60 days in advance.  So we'll be getting ours before the end of the month.  
  • A Guest Book:  I keep trying to think of something that's NOT boring.  But I haven't had much time for that these days.  
 What I'm Proud of Myself for Doing:  writing a bunch of timelines for the wedding day and wedding weekend and sending them to people!  It was only then that I've been looking forward to this day for the past year and it's going to go by extremely fast.  Sigh.  

Next Up on Our Radar:   Ben and I did spend the weekend SHOPPIN!  I never buy clothes because I'm trying to save money for vacations and weddings.  So of course, we had to hit up the mall for outfits to wear for our ENGAGEMENT PICTURES. We're scheduled to have our photo shoot (wow, I feel so fancy) this Friday.  It's also scheduled to RAIN this Friday according to the weather. I'm praying that it doesn't rain so that we don't have to go through the trouble of rescheduling.  Blah.  Either way, I'm realllly excited to have some awesome, professional pictures of Ben and I.  Nearly 8 years of dating, and finally, pictures that will actually look great!!

Also Next:  Hopefully we'll be rescheduling our honeymoon!  I talked to our honeymoon planner.  Seriously...a God-send.  He is the greatest person and so understanding.  And he's agreed to work with us when we hear about what's happening with the transplant situation.  And we're really hoping to find out something soon.  Things are getting down to the wire!!  Postponing the honeymoon was not what we wanted, but I'm just happy that we can still go!  And right now we're trying to think of good, reasonably priced mini-moon excursions.  For us, a minimoon has to A) utilize the least amount of annual leave days possible, because we are still planning to take our big-moon this year; B) be on the East Coast, so that if we have to fly it's not as expensive as, say, flying to California. It would also be a shorter flight; C) include some kind of atmosphere where we can go to fancy dinners and also get massages and do spa treatments.  We really want to use our mini-moon time after the wedding to decompress from everything, and relax.  But we don't want to go so crazy that we end up not being able to do what we really want to do:  which is swimming in an eternity pool and drinking wine in Santorini.  It's one of those things where we have to look at the big picture and our long term goal. 

And we're open to suggestions for any mini-moon ideas.  So if you're reading this, and already have a little mini-moon planned (because I honestly don't) holla atcha' girl :)