Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Go DJ

73 Days 'Til the Wedding

Today, is a special Wedding Wednesday post. For one, I'm off work today because I'm having my catheter placement surgery this afternoon.  Ben also took the day off with me to be my caretaker and make me smoothies and rub my head.  Love him.  And second, this post is allll about the music!  

It's time for Ben and me to submit our playlist for the wedding!  Now, here's what I think, and this is just my opinion, which is obvious since it's my blog. Music can make or break a wedding. I've been a wedding guest maybe five or six times. My takeaway and advice for anyone else who wants advice on planning a wedding:  people will forgive you if you don't have real flowers (seriously, who cares?) and the food only has to be so-so (people rave about the food at their favorite restaurants, not at weddings).  But what people WILL remember is if the music was good, if they could dance to it, or if the DJ seemed to be stuck in a slow, jazzy mood, or if he played random duds.  People also remember if there was no music at all (yeah, I've been to a wedding like that).  Honestly, that's what I feel determines whether a wedding is fun or not. Which is why our DJ was the SECOND vendor we booked.  My requirements: someone who could play different styles; someone who would play hip hop and soul; someone who's DJ'd at clubs or bars.  My sisters and I love dancing and I've already practiced doing the robot in my wedding dress.  And after my surgery, I bet I'll either be sleeping, watching television, or having a dance party in my bed with my Beats by Dre (Thanks Boo!).  Join me in celebrating (?) a plastic tube coming out of my stomach with a little Wedding Mix dance party to some of the jams Ben and I have chosen for the wedding :)

People will be mingling and talking...and drinking.  Kendrick Lamar is one of my favorite hip hop artists, and I thought his "Swimming Pools" would be the perfect way to get the party started a little as people start to get a little tipsy. 

Now see, this is why I needed a DJ who could play different styles and make it not seem crazy.  Ben's pick from the Proclaimers, "I'm Gonna Be," is one of the songs he put on a mixtape for me.  I'll admit, I do love this song.  

I discovered Jazzanova when I was in college, during my "I don't really need to listen to music with a lot of words" phase.  Jazzanova was one of the few groups that managed to stick with me once I grew out of that.  I thought their "Behold These Days" would be the perfect dinner music, without giving off too much of a "smooth jazz feel."

Now Ben and I have been working pretty hard on the actual "dancing" part of the playlist.  We want to make sure we get everything we want on the playlist and we hope that our talented DJ can fill in the gaps.  But one thing we all agreed on--there needs to be a ton of Michael Jackson songs on the list.  A few birthdays ago, Ben purchased "Michael Jackson the Experience" for me.  And then one day, while playing, he scored hire than me on one of the dances.  In fact, he kept the high score for a while! I was so upset that I practiced for 8 hours one weekend, just to beat his score. And finally, I can say that I AM the reigning queen of "Smooth Criminal" in the Edwards/Ashman household.  What can I say? I'm bad.