Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: High Gear & Death to RSVP Cards

52 Days Til the Wedding

Today is a much needed day off work! YES!  I have a visit with the surgeon who's going to perform my kidney transplant (in 9 days, I might add).  I'm looking forward to getting some information on the procedure, as well as what I can do to prepare, how things are going to go afterward, and when I can start traveling!  And since I'm taking the entire day off, I'm going to use some of the time to get a little wedding planning done without the pressure of having just left the office.    Anyways, below is the planning breakdown. Weird to think that the next wedding planning post I do will be 45 days before the wedding.
What We Did Over the Past Few Days:
  • So on Saturday, Ben and I agreed: No more messin around! And we decided to get serious about one thing that has been getting on our nerves for the past five two months.  We finally ordered our wedding bands!  Actually, I have mine in the apartment because they had it in stock.  Ben's should be here at the beginning of May.  They are sort of matching bands, hehehe!  I don't know but I kind of like that idea. My friend got married last summer and she and her husband had matching gold bands and I thought that was just the most romantic and cutest thing.  
  • In semi-unexpected turn of events, Ben reordered a completely different suit.  At this point in time, usually the bridal party has all of their attire.  They may not have it in possession, but it's ordered, perhaps fitted and almost ready to go.  Well, Ben had to reorder his because it wasn't the right side. We thought about just letting it slide but then we decided, no.  He's the groom. This is OUR wedding.  We're paying a lot of money for this event, and for the photos of the event. I know nothing can be perfect but we're going to try to get him as close to that as possible. Reordering of the suit, which happened to actually be more expensive, turned out not to be that much of a cost difference. So we think it was a good choice.
  • We took our engagement pictures!! And I'm soooooo happy we finally did. I CAN NOT WAIT to see what they look like. And surprise bonus: Ben actually had fun doing it.  Crazy, right?  Yeah. In fact, I think he had so much fun doing it that I could probably convince him to do it again!
What Sort of Makes Me a Little Bit Mad.  Mad enough to complain about it on my blog, but not mad enough to say anything else about it again:
RSVP Cards are a COMPLETE waste of time and money.  You've heard me talk a lot on this blog about how enamored Ben and I were with our RSVP cards, designed by our wonderful invitation designer. Well, turns out other people love them too because I'd say of the 80-90 invites/RSVP cards that we sent out, we've probably only received back about 40.  Everyone else, we've had to call or email them about whether they're coming to the wedding or not.  We included those cards specifically in the invitation suite, with stamps so that we wouldn't have to do that.  Well, ladies and gentlemen, this situation has led me to the conclusion: the age of the RSVP is DEAD.  If family members can't even send in postage paid card to say yes/no to the invite, then I've lost faith in everyone.  If you, dear reader, decide to plan a wedding, ignore every piece of etiquette on RSVP cards.  If I ever have another wedding, or maybe a vow renewal, best believe I'm doing online invitations.  People just don't care that much anymore sadly. 

What's Next:
  • Let's purchase a veil, shall we? OK then.  Doing that this weekend, especially since my second dress fitting is April 29!!!
  • Ben and I have been talking about our marriage license. We might have one of those come Monday since in Virginia you can get it up to 60 days before your wedding.
  • Pay considerable attention to my DIY projects.
  • We're meeting with our officiant/my cousin this Saturday.  My parents are throwing a BBQ which will be an added bonus.
  • This might be reaching honeymoon?? Let's hope so! We're aiming for September.