Friday, June 7, 2013

Last Single Weekend

8 Days 'Til the Wedding

This weekend Ben's groomsmen and friends are celebrating his bachelor-hood at a hotel and casino in West Virginia.  So, except for family and friends that live nearby, and the cat who lives with me, I'll be by myself.  I'll get to experience a bachelorette weekend just one more time.  

Last weekend, I enjoyed my bachelorette festivities.  I think Ben and I were surprised and incredibly honored that our wedding party even decided to do anything for us, given that we couldn't nail down what dates we were available because of this whole kidney transplant situation.  The groomsmen and the bridesmaids have had multiple dates, ideas, events planned and partially scheduled over the past six months, only to have my failing kidneys stomp on their dreams of having an amazing bachelor/ette weekend celebration.  My bridal shower was already cancelled/postponed, so I was prepared for the same thing to happen with my bachelorette party.  But no, I have great friends and sisters who just wouldn't let the party die.  A partial gathering of my bridal party convened in New York City for A) a drag show; B) dancing at Webster Hall, an experience that really can't be recreated ever again because it was just that special; and C) covering one of my drunk sisters in a  mermaid, one-shoulder wedding dress made out of toilet paper that probably should have been saved, preserved and sold in a wedding shop somewhere.  It was that good.  Then naturally, we had brunch the next day, and I was visited by two more sweet people who I wish I got to see more.  Laughs and smiles...and chocolate...were shared by all.  

Throughout the weekend, as the phrases "you're getting married!" and "I'm getting married!!" were unleashed nearly every hour at the top of the hour, my excitement for the wedding and this next chapter in my life grew.  But at least once a day, I felt a strange pang.  I don't know what it was. It wasn't sadness or anger.  It was the gentle nudge, a reminder that after getting married, things will change.  I can't put my finger on how exactly they will change, but I know they will.  That's what happens when you graduate into the next phase of life.  While we were at Webster Hall, dancing in a circle surrounded by shirtless, sweaty guys high glow sticks, and strobe lights, I thought, "This is the last time it will be like this."  Mostly, because I'm not sure if we're ever going to that club again.  But also because you can't get back moments in time. You just have to cherish them, take pictures on your iPhone, take it all in, and remember how hard you were laughing because that will help rebuild the memory of that extraordinary moment.  Someday I hope I'll be laughing really hard with my sisters, or my college roommate, or my friend from high school and say "Hey, remember that time we went to Webster Hall?" and we'll laugh even harder.
So how will I be enjoying this final bachelorette weekend?  Gettin my hair did, finally, then doing [multiple] projects for the wedding.  Grocery shopping, one of my fave pastimes because I'm obsessed with cooking. And hopefully making it out to church.  I know this won't be my last weekend alone, ever, without my spouse nearby.  But now that the wedding is getting closer, I'm getting more sentimental and sappy and thinking more and more about "the last" of everything.  I guess this next week will be filled with lasts.  Let's start by making this "the last" blog post on the last single thing I ever doCheers.