Friday, June 14, 2013

The End of an Era/Engagement

Wedding Tomorrow

We have arrived.  It's been quite an eventful year, three months and five days since Ben suspiciously walked me out to a park by the water, and asked "What would make you happy?"  Turns out diamonds, diamonds make me happy.  And knowing that the person I've felt all these strong, end-of-the-world, crazy-clingy obsessive, "look at me-look at me NOW!," do-anything-and-everything-for-you-forever feelings for for the past 8 years agreed that yes, I would make an excellent life partner-- it was the perfect ending to long day in my ugly sweater standing in the cold. 

I remember when, after getting engaged, Ben told me that I couldn't call ANY of my friends to tell them the news.  Well, that's just not right I tell you.  It was because he wanted to ask my dad if he could marry me, like a gentleman.  But I had thwarted his efforts earlier that day because of my impatience.  I was tired and wanted to leave my parents' house to go home and sleep.  So after getting engaged, we had to keep the secret from almost all of our friends, and several family members, for at least 24 hours up to a week.   And I'm sure this girl remembers:  Amy was the first person to get the news, over pancakes at iHop, the day after the engagement...because I just couldn't take it anymoreOur first outing as engaged people: rock climbing with the kung-fu students.  

Three weeks after getting engaged,  I just couldn't wait any longer.  I just had to find a cheap venue and find it fast so that we could nail down our date.  The past year HAS NOT gone by fast at all.  Not at all!  The past month has gone by really fast, but not the past year not.  

We've had several UPs of the past year and three months and five days:
  • people gave us a lot of attention;  that was nice.
  • we were able to watch my grandparents renew their vows again in Miami, and my Meme joked "You guys should just jump into the ceremony with us!"
  • We celebrated another date-iversary:  number seven.
  • I watched one of my best friends marry an awesome guy in Kazakhstan.  Keep in mind, I hadn't seen her in two years!  It was such a great reunion.  I'm wishing she could be here this weekend.
  • I dressed up as Harley Quinn for Halloween.  
  • Ben gave me a fantastic Valentine's Day and Birthday. 
  • I received a kidney transplant from my dad!
  • Ben and I managed to still love each other after everything:  after the arguments, after the disagreements, after the crying and vomiting, after all the money spent, long days at work, after the doctors appointments, after the cat waking us up at night.  We still managed to find moments to stop and stare at each other, just to say "I can't wait to marry you."  And now we're here.
And that was just ONE year of our relationship. My favorite UPs from the past 8 years together:
  • Ben not breaking up with me after I destroyed his football within the first week, to two weeks of dating.
  • Our five-hour phone and AIM conversations while I was in college.
  • The fact that we still call each other several times a day just to say "Hi."
  • Our first year anniversary gifts to each other:  season passes to King's Dominion.
  • Ben visiting me in Mexico, and climbing Cerro de la Cilla together.
  • Big things: like traveling to Hawaii and having one of the best vacations ever together.
  • Little things: like just being together, falling asleep to a movie or just the sound of the fan. 
  • Our emails to each other, even though we live together now.
  • Moving in together and playing house.
  • Adopting Burton.
  • Getting engaged.
  • The fact that after eight years, we've managed to still love each other.  We still find moments to stop and stare at each other, just to say "I love you."  Even if it's in the middle of an SVU marathon.  
Ben and I have grown up together in this relationship, and we've gotten to a point where we're just beginning to get a whiff at it's like when you're doing life with someone else.  There are so many good things about sharing life with someone.  There are no bad things: just things that take some getting used to, things you can't master after just two years of living together.  But I am so excited for everything that is to come, and so thankful for everything that's come to pass.  Nothing is wasted.  Good and bad, it's all absorbed into who we are as a couple, and it's made us the type of couple we are today. 
Tomorrow, Ben and I officially become a family. Thank you God for leading us to each other.  Thank you God that we met two different times, but Ben didn't remember me the first time.  Thank you God for being faithful for all these years.  Thank you God for this new family.  Praise in advance for what this family will be and for whatever blessings will unfold.

And thank you God that you helped Ben love me, even when it was difficult.  Even when I was being intolerable.  Even when I was stressed out.  Thank you for a man who makes me want to be better than I am now. 

In other news, no post on Monday because I'll be busy being married.  And I'll be on my "micro-moon," aka, I can't fly yet, and we didn't want to just go back to work after getting married. So we're going to the country. And we're annoying people by saying "micro-moon."  It's code for "Don't you dare assume this is my honeymoon!  My honeymoon is in GREECE!  Don't get it twisted."  Peace.