Friday, June 21, 2013

Wedding Recap: Danny's Top Five

No more Wedding Wednesdays!  I know, I know.  You're sad to see it go.  But welcome to the first of many in the new series "Wedding Recap."  Original, I know.  I'm working on a post for next Wednesday about the rehearsal dinner to end all rehearsal dinners, planned by my new in-laws.  Until then, enjoy a short and sweet list by my baby sister, Danyelle.

When I was asked by my sister to pick my five favorite things about her wedding, I knew it wouldn’t be an easy task.  How could I pick just FIVE things out of all the crazy, and beautiful moments of the day.  But I managed to narrow down my list. Five things that stood out to me during the wedding:

The Food: I thought the food was well picked and I personally enjoyed the meal.  I also loved the assortment of treats that my sister and Ben picked out for the dessert table. 

The Flowers:  I really love the flowers that were picked for the wedding, provided by Alicia Jayne Florals. Each bridesmaid bouquet had different selections of a yellow flower and they looked gorgeous and went well with our dresses

The Groomsmen Outfits:  I loved the groomsmen and their ensemble.  They wore suspenders with Converse sneakers and I thought that gave them some personality and a carefree feeling, but it also looked very stylish.

The Music:  Another thing I loved about the wedding was the music and DJ (D.J. D-Mac). He did very well and was the perfect person to host. But of course it wouldn't have been great without Jewel’s input on the music that everyone could dance to.

The Ceremony:  I think the wedding ceremony was very elegant and everyone could feel the love that was radiating from Ben and Jewel as they said their vows and official became husband and wife. 
A Snapshot of the Dessert Buffet