Monday, June 3, 2013

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12 Days 'Til the Wedding

Sometimes you're so busy trying to complete things for the wedding before you return to working full time that you just don't have time to write a decent blog post.  That was my week last week.  I could feel the weight of an eight hour workday looming in the future bearing down on me.  Every day as I made to-do list after to-do list, staring at the clock, I groaned every time another hour passed by.  How could a task that was supposed to take 10 minutes turn into 50 minutes?  How did a month off work suddenly turn into only two days left of my month-long break?  How did a year, six months, or 2 months left in an engagement become less than two weeks until the wedding?!  Less than two weeks! Ahh!   

I would do a run-down of everything that got accomplished last week, but I almost feel like last week was so chaotic that I don't even remember what I did.  I know I did some painting for our table numbers.   I know I dropped off a copy of our homemade design for the Quaker Marriage Certificate at FedEx so that it could be printed.  I sent off a few more checks, officially completing payments to six out of the nine vendors that Ben and I hiredI typed up some more timelines and instructions for my vendors and had my final meeting with the venue and my day of coordinator and her assistant to talk about how everything is going to go down on the wedding day.  I just have to come through with my end of the deal (providing napkins and my DIY items) and everything should run smoothly. 

OH, and I plan to write a blog post about this later, but the ladies in my wedding party through me a pretty fun bachelorette party in New York City this past weekend.  It was kind of awesome and one of the best times I've had in a really long time.  Really long time.  

This week is another big DIY week, because apparently it takes me like 10 hours to paint 20 signs, even with Ben's help.  I guess I'm just lazy, or trying too hard to make everything look perfect. Actually, I'm just not good at painting so doing up a little sign in black is like running a marathon for me.  Yet, I'm doing it, because it's cheaper than buying them already made (seriously, I got these boards for a dollar).

I'm going to try to give more updates on what's happening, since I feel like this is such a pivotal week. Because next week, the week OF the wedding, I want to be doing as little as possible to keep myself from stressing out, and just reflecting on how my days of being a single lady are just ticking away.  I also started my name-change paperwork last week, and seeing my current name on the "former name" lines are kind of a reality check for me.  

It's funny because today is actually Ben's and my date-ivarsary.  We started dating June 3, 2005, two weeks after I took him to my senior prom.  And for our year-one celebration we got each other season passes to King's Dominion.  This year, Ben and I decided not to do anything big to celebrate. I guess we could do something extravagant to mark this monumental occasion:  this really is the last time we'll "celebrate" June 3.  We could have a "Goodbye June 3" ceremony.  But ain't nobody got time to plan a wedding and a "Goodbye June 3" ceremony.  But I'll say it here:  goodbye June 3.  Thank you for the awesome dinners and trips that were experienced and gifts that were given on this day to commemorate the agreement that Ben and I made to foolishly become exclusive the summer before I left for college, and then not date anyone else for the eight years that followed.   Thanks for the cards.  Thanks for the cuddles.  Thanks for the memories. It's been fun.  It's been real.  Now, on to the next! 

Special Treat Wednesday:  My other half returns to the blog.