Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fireworks, Family, Picnic

Ahh, the day before a holiday from sweet.  Just knowing tomorrow is not "business as usual," and I don't have to wake up early, make phone calls, and type until my fingers bleed brings tears to my eyes.  Sooo looking forward to relaxing.  Look at me! I had a month off of work, plus a long weekend for my wedding and I'm still grabbing for days off.  And it's not the disease that's making me feel this way.  I'm guessing it's just laziness.

So what is the Fourth of July made of?  Besides fireworks--family, food, picnics, nice weather.  The way life should be.  Get excited for the holiday and take a look at the new flock of pictures added to my Rehearsal Dinner Recap!  Some of my favorites:

 See all the pictures here:  Rehearsal Dinner Recap

 Happy Independence Day! 

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