Monday, July 15, 2013

Living for the Weekend: Birthdays, Sick Days, Name Change

Whew, what a weekend.

  • Top Left:  I made Ben's birthday cake, from scratch.  It's the classic yellow with Chocolate Frosting.  And so far, this is the best yellow cake from scratch that I've ever made.  For five years now I've been making yellow cakes that were really dry, or just missing the mark.  This recipe that I found on Bakerella really brought me closer to my dream of the perfect, Box quality, yellow cake from scratch.
  • Bottom Left:  My kitty! Burton!  When you have a cat you're just obligated to take multiple random pictures of that cat.  
  • Top Right:  One of the best things I've discovered, is making homemade sausage.  It's soooo easy and cost effective. I cooked up some chicken sausage that I made back in May but froze in my freezer.
  • Middle Right:  A beautiful sunset from my friend's roof top at the outdoor happy hour she hosted.  I didn't drink anything but it was probably for the best because....
  • I went to the hospital the next day (bottom right).  Oops.  I'm OK now, but Sunday kind of sucked.  And I felt like crap for the entire day, and half of today.  Gotta love the IV picture.  I've got a bunch of them.  Just like with cats---if you have multiple IVs put in, you're kind of obligated to take pictures of every single one.  

P.S.  I've been married for a month!  And in case you haven't noticed,  I officially changed my last name.  As a child, I always thought/knew that I would just take my husband's last name.  But then once I started my career path, I realized that I really like my maiden last name.  Actually, I love it.  It really just goes so well with the rest of my name, first and middle.  And you want to know something funny?  I was always secretly jealous of hyphenatesLike, how come they got two last names and I only had one?!  I was even jealous of the hyphenated first names, like John-Paul or Jessie-Lynn.  Well, guess what?  Dreams do come true.  I am finally....a hyphenate.