Monday, July 22, 2013

What Summer/Life is About

 It is...

A cat nap after work on a hot Friday afternoon.

Frizzy hair and no make-up on a Saturday morning.

Outdoor picnics at a historic Virginia plantation.

Blowing a tire on a gravelly road in the country, spending a Sunday afternoon searching for at least one repair shop that could fix it.

Waiting three hours at bankrupt shopping mall for new tires, eating food court pizza to push back the hunger pangs.

Arriving at family dinner with all the ingredients two hours late.  But a low-country shrimp boil tastes good anytime. 

Being exhausted, sweaty, having frizzy hair, running late. 

A trip to the bank, a boring work event, a birthday party, early Sunday morning church, a blown tire, riding with the windows down, good seafood, good people.


"A life without love
 is like a year without summer."

Swedish Proverb