Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Answering the question I get at least five times a day

So... how's married life? 

Married life is

eating too many cookies after dinner and feeling sick then asking Ben to rub my tummy.  

a birthday cake from scratch.

television.  Finding two shows that we love watching together.  Remembering that I hate watching that one channel with all the movies that only guys would like.

brushing our teeth, then taking my blood pressure, and taking my temperature, and taking my meds, and Ben turning on the fan, and setting an alarm on his phone. And Ben stealing my pillow until I turn off the light. And me trying to wrestle him for it, and not turning off the light.  Then turning off the light.  Then me getting up to crank up the A.C. because we're both sweaty from wrestling.  

money. Learning what we have together. What we spend together. What we can save together.  What we need. What we want. 

food.  Eating every meal together, at home, because we would rather go to Greece than go to Applebee's for the 800th time. We like Applebee's.  But something tells us, we might like Greece more. 

sleeping.  On my side then on his side, then Ben waking up and pushing me toward my side. Then me finding my way back to his side, getting hot, and trying to return to my side only to find that the cat is sleeping on my pillow.

bad days at work or an argument at home.  

good days at work and great days at home. 

playing video games in the bedroom while I sleep and the cat sits in his climber, because we just want to be in the same room as each other.  

asking each other repeatedly, "Why is the cat so small?"

asking each other repeatedly, "Where is the cat?"

asking each other repeatedly, "Why is the cat so cute?!" and never getting tired of it.  

admitting that we might need to spend a day apart because we've been spending a lot of time together.

spending that day apart and admitting that we missed each other.

even numbers on the volume levels for the television and the radio.  

keeping a cat alive but managing to kill the plant that was at our rehearsal dinner.

wearing wedding bands.

making decisions together.

visiting model homes together and wishing we lived there.

visiting our families.

having competitions to see who can say "husband" or "wife" the most in conversation.

feeling like we know everything about each other, and `being surprised to find out we don't.

feeling close to each other, and continuing to grow closer to each other each day.  

annoying each other;

but admitting that we're each others' most favorite people in the world.

not listening to each other;

and then talking until 1 A.M. in bed before falling asleep...on a weeknight, when Ben has to be awake at 5:45.

wondering what type of parents we'll be.

wondering type of life we'll have.  

knowing life is not and will never be perfect.

agreeing that things are perfect for us right now.

Married life is our life.  

Married life is great.  

Married life is also pretending to like a sports team together to get autographs at training camp.