Monday, September 9, 2013

Living for the Weekend-- Live to Eat

This weekend was pretty great. Just like I thought...once Labor Day passed my schedule became wide and clear. And I'm enjoying this less busy version of my life.

  • This weekend I ran a few errands then cooked a Thai fusion meal with my youngest sister. She loves Asian food.  But has never tried her hang at cooking it.  One of my favorite things I made was the summer roll. I love eating summer rolls at this Thai place near my job and we loved recreating them. They are spectacularly easy by the way.  And I thought making summer rolls would be fitting with the season ending in two weeks.  I might just make these every weekend until fall finally arrives.  
  • I kind of got obsessed with sending my friends and family "selfie" pictures of my cat.  He takes a good selfie, no?
  • And I accomplished part of a major project to redo the wall in my dining room.  I've got frames, waiting to be filled with some wedding and engagement pictures.  
  • Sunday was pretty much a dream day. My husband and I did two of our favorite things: watched football and slept. Yeah I know. Boring newlyweds much?
Speaking of great friend and forever college roommate got engaged over the weekend!  And I could not be any happier for her and her fiance because I'm pretty damn happy right now!!  You think you're happy when a proposal happens to you. But the only thing that's better is watching your loved ones find their perfect matches and ride off into the sunset together.

And what makes my friend's story super sweet is that her and her fiance's set up was totally a love at first sight scenario!  Ben's and my first meeting was sooo not that. But I can appreciate how wonderfully romantic their story is.  And I'm just so excited for them to experience being together forever and enjoying a lifetime of love and happiness together.  Plus, I get another married friend!   She's probably having a spectacular day now, and the rest of the week and month will be just the same.  To Love and Happiness.