Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Crazy: Part One


Welcome to my SECOND favorite time of year.  The first favorite time of year being summer because of the weather, that "school's out" feeling (even that I haven't been in school for almost five years now), summer vacations, the feeling of adventure and relaxation in the air, the sweet smell of meat on the grill, awesome produce, sunshine, and just being outside, birthdays, and my wedding anniversary.  Damn.  Can it just be summer already?  All that talking about it made we wish it was here now.  

But do not despair.  We're in the second most awesome time of these 365 days.  Christmastime.  For me, Christmastime started the week before Thanksgiving, when the cat and I set up the Christmas tree.  Yes, I said cat.  This is his favorite holiday, too.  Like mommy like cat. And now that it's officially December, Ben has allowed me to play Christmas music and buy gifts and talk about Christmas as much as I want.   Christmas comes but once a year, after all.  This month, this holy sacred month, is what makes me forget that the days are just getting shorter, darker, and colder and more depressing and grosser and just UGH with each passing hour.  

Christmas is also a favorite holiday on my side of the family.  It's not unusual for my sisters and I to break into Christmas carols in springtime, or talk about how we wish it was Christmas morning on July 4th.  I've never really had a bad Christmas.  I've had bad birthdays and bad Easters, bad Labor Day's even.  But Christmas...Christmas never fails me.  

The Ashman house is just about all decked out with Christmas stuff.  At least, as decked out as I can make it without spending an arm and a leg on decorations. 

I downloaded these festive prints from Etsy...which is my new thing. Going on Etsy and looking at stuff.  It's like Pinterest but better because everything is already made and for sale at relatively inexpensive prices.  

Probably my favorite Christmas but also non-Christmas decoration is this old sheet music from the movie "Holiday Inn," which is a movie that Ben and I love.  My best friend and long time roommate gave it to us as a wedding gift.  I almost died because it was so perfect.  If you haven't seen Holiday Inn...stop reading this and go rent it.  It's kind of an awesome movie.  There's blackface in it...but don't let that deter you.  

Is Christmas your favorite season, or are you already all Christmas-ed out just from reading this blog post?  I hope not.  Because I've got three more coming on this same topic.  Sorry, I'm not sorry.