Monday, April 7, 2014

Living for the Weekend-- Sprung

My weekend recap series "Living for the Weekend" was on hiatus for fall and winter.  But I'm bringin' back, y'all, for spring and summer!

Yeah so this is back.  Does this mean I'm incredibly lame and boring during the colder months of the year?  I don't know...I don't think so.  I actually did pretty well this year as far as forcing myself to do things on the weekends even though it felt like the worst winter in the history of winters.  I didn't really start to let my S.A.D. get me down until maybe March, when I was sick for most of the month.  Poor March. I never really enjoyed you.

ALAS, Spring is REALLY here now. Therefore, fun is allowed.

  • After coming to the realization that we didn't do anything fun with each other during the month of March, except for flying First Class back to D.C. post snowstorm on March 3, Ben and I dedicated ourselves last week getting our "fun" meter up ASAP.  One of our favorite local beer-makers released a new brew (Ways & Means, after the most powerful committee of old men in the country) on Friday.  In pure "me" fashion, during our visit to the brewery, I took one sip and swore that I was already drunk.
  • On Saturday, I met up with some friends for brunch at someone's house. No pictures, but we had an excellent discussion on this book.
  • Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.  This Sunday was basically my idea of the perfect Sunday.  Not only did I discover that Ben and I hadn't gone on any dates last month, but I also hadn't enjoyed a relaxing weekend in a pretty long time. My weekend free time has either been stolen by fatigue or illness, a crowded schedule of social events and  commitments, or by a never ending list of errands that need runnin' or household chores that need doin'.  This year I'm learning big time that I HATE being busy all the time.  The thought of having something to do every day after work and multiple things to do over the weekends just doesn't appeal to me anymore like I did when I was 24 and younger.  I love the feeling I get when I look at my schedule for Saturday, Sunday, or after work and see that there is absolutely nothing that I have to do.  It's wide open for things that I want to do.  So last week, I strategically planned to finish more of my chores/errands/events during the workweek and on Saturday, so that on Sunday...I could do whatever I want.  We went to church.  We walked for an hour on the George Washington Parkway in the BEST weather since spring started.  Went to Costco. Took naps. I made an awesome dinner. Watched TV. Played my bass. And it was amazing.  My goal from here on out is to have at least ONE day or weekend like this, every single month.  
And based on my schedule, this past Sunday might have been my one relaxing day of the month.  Oh well.  In exactly 28 days...I'll be relaxing in a Greek paradise (!!!!!!!!!!!!!).