Friday, July 18, 2014

Things That Make Me Happy Right Now

Meditating.  I just started, but this might be my new favorite hobby. I downloaded the Calm app and it is amazing. I've already meditated like six times in three days.

Baking a pie.

Writing for this blog.

Making desserts.
Treating myself to cookies and hot chocolate, because I've been trying to NOT eat sweets every damn day.
Walking in Fort Ward at sunrise.

Getting my workout in super early...even thought I HATE waking up early.  I'm usually just happy to get it out of the way.

Hearing good news.

This face:  

Seeing things grow in our little balcony urban garden.

Thinking about past miracles.

Coming up with new ideas.  

Researching products we need to buy to watch our favorite TV shows because Ben and I are suspending our cable subscription for six months.

Daydreaming about the day that Ben and I get new jobs.

Actually using Skype to connect with new and old friends.  

Getting emails about library books that I have been waiting to become available.  
Having a friend to hang out with over the weekend. 


I need to remember to make a list like this regularly.  It's a good reminder that there are good things going on in my life.  There are good days, good hours, and minutes.  There are happy times.  I just want to cling to these moments, these memories, white knuckle clinching, grasping at them like reaching for a wayward string peeling off a beautiful woven blanket.  
Holding on for dear life, always.