Monday, September 8, 2014

Living for the Weekend

How was your weekend?

Pre-Church Selfie, Health Granola, bag of Sweaty Clothes

I started this weekend by being healthy.  Have you ever heard of SoulCycle?  It's the newest spinning workout that everyone from the Kardashians to David Beckham to your mom is doing.  Essentially you agree to have someone clip you into a very expensive stationary bike (clipping in makes it so that you can't run away), yell at you to give it all you've got while trying to pedal very fast up a steep imaginary hill, and then you sweat like nobody's business.  And it's all done to this sick playlist of music.  It was torture.  But I think I kind of loved it?  

After that I went to a restaurant and proceeded to order chili, mac and cheese and corn bread.  Then on Saturday I had mozza sticks at the draft house showing of Maleficent and ate mint oreo custard to end the night.  

Then after church on Sunday I had boneless buffalo wings, some fries, and a TALL beer.  For dinner on Sunday, I had some of my mom's mac and cheese, corn pudding and turkey wings.   

All this to say...yes...I'm going to SoulCycle again on Wednesday.  

One other bright(healthy) spot in my weekend: I made my own granola!  My adventure in homemade granola cooking will be up on the blog this month.  

Welcome to Monday.  Godspeed this week.