Friday, September 19, 2014

Sick News & More

I couldn't just end the week with that heavy post about my marriage on Wednesday, right?!  

How about some pictures?  

The first picture is a selfie of Burton and me.  The second picture is just some of the food we ate this week.  Biscuits and blackberries and barbecue chicken with corn salad.  Yes, the theme is summer food, and it's the last summer weekend.  

Even though fall leads into hell a.k.a winter, I've vowed to make the most of the next two seasons, with reduced complaining, a lot more laughter, and an attempt to continue spending as much time outside as possible.  Coming up, Ben have some camping trips planned, our annual visit to Oktoberfest, and we're taking his dad to a Nationals game, one of the last regular season games before they go on to win the World Series.  Yeah, I said it.  

OK want to read some news?  
"It's long been known that eating too much salt will raise your blood pressure, but a comprehensive global study now says that too little salt in your diet also can harm your heart health."

What do you think?  I still think salt is evil and will continue living Lo-So for now.  Making minor adjustments to your diet, like cooking one or two meals from scratch every day, and having two pieces of bacon instead of four, can decrease your sodium intake little by little.  

What are you going to cook this weekend?  Sharing is caring.