Monday, October 13, 2014

Living for the Weekend

How are you?

Last week, I came down with whatever bug happens to be going around on the 9th floor of my company’s building.   While successfully failing to make an appointment to have my flu shot taken at my job in a few weeks, the evil known as “intense sinus pain” took over my face.  This happened last Tuesday.  I ended up missing two days of work, finishing season 1 and starting season 2 of The Gilmore Girls, and cleaning my entire apartment (which included washing ALL of our laundry) before enjoying a sweet, relaxing three-day weekend.  

Since Ben and I had Columbus Day off we decided to enjoy one of our favorite activities:  CAMPING!   I love camping with Ben because it’s one of our shared hobbies, something that we decided to take up together.  I mean, sure, I love football now, after almost 10 years of dating.  And yeah, Ben enjoys going to new restaurants and visiting different countries, something he says that he wasn’t that interested in before we started dating.  But camping isn’t something that either of us had to drag the other one to, or preface the situation with the semi-convincing “Trust me! You’ll love it speech!”   We chose camping together, so every time we go I’m assured that we’re both doing it not necessarily to make each other happy (which it does) but because it’s how we want to spend our weekend.    

On the way to our campsite, we stopped at an orchard to pick some apples for a tart that I want to make later this week.  So, yeah, the camping was for US.  And the apple picking was…for me.  It was mostly for me.  

Hope you guys had a great weekend.   Look out for a post this week on my favorite new workout. Yep.   I do that now. I’m into it.