Friday, October 3, 2014

Web Crawlin'

I got some new shoes this week.  Actually, I got TWO pairs of new shoes.  And one pair was free!  #LookatGod.

Here's what showed up on the internet this week: 

Think piece:  How American Parenting is Killing the American Marriage

Thinking about making pumpkins this year, even though I never know what to do with them afterward:  Punk Rock Pumpkins 

In case you didn't know, Netflix has all the seasons of Gilmore Girls now: Gilmore Girls Superfan Quiz 

This needs a big pot of chili to go with it:  Fresh Corn Cornbread 

Some books to read. I'm still slugging through The Goldfinch, but when I'm done I'll be sure to check some of these out:  8 Books to Read This Month

Do you have a fall bucket list? My list has 10 things on it, and so far I've done one thing. If you're into this sort of thing and need some tips...Fall To Do List

This event isn't on my list because I go to it every single year.  But if you're in the area:  OKTOBERFEST! 

That's what I'll be doing this Saturday.   Love you all.  See you Monday.

Trying to Devo with a cat on my chest.
Finishing off Danyelle's Birthday Cake.  BTW my baby sister is 20 now. Whoa.

And I saved the raw chicken picture for the end.  But it looks so pretty once it's roasted!!