Friday, January 16, 2015

A 2 Cool Blog Birthday!

Guess what!  

This blog has officially been alive for two years. Yaaaay!  Happy Birthday blog!  I told you last year that it was some kind of miracle that this blog had been running for one year.  Blogging can be really hard sometimes.  Two blogging challenges I faced over the year:

  • SICKNESS!  Even when I was going through kidney failure, I feel like I was able to maintain some consistency in my blogging.  But this year, I was sidelined a few times because of my weak, sloppy immune system!  
  • WRITER'S BLOCK!  It can be downright hard coming up with things to write about.  After having my transplant and not being sick anymore (yay!) sometimes I struggled with what to even say on here.  Was, "Hi! Still not sick!" appropriate?  How do you talk about not being sick anymore when this blog was started for the purpose of documenting my life as a sick person??    
Even with challenges, and the weeks when I only posted once, I'm so happy/thrilled/blessed to have this space on the interwebs to just vent and rant and share my life with you, sick or not sick.  Thank you to everyone who has been here since day one and also to those of you who maybe just stopped by for the first time.  You push me to write better and be better. 

2015 Selfie since it's been a while!  Just me after having seven tubes of blood drawn. NBD.

To Celebrate LITOT's 2nd Birthday, Revisit the Top Five Posts from 2014!

It makes my heart happy that so many people read Laura's story of living with RRP.  I launched the "Life With..." series in the fall of last year and really, REALLY want to keep it going.  Contact me if you or someone you know wants to be part of this series shining a spotlight on those of us with chronic illnesses or transplants.

It was almost a year ago that I finally began sharing pictures from Ben's and my wedding.  It was such a happy time. And this "interview" is pure US.

This was the preview post to me sharing pictures and video from one of my favorite vacations ever...OUR HONEYMOON IN GREECE.  Stay tuned for more travel pictures and updates this year :) 

Transplantiversary:  What Happens When I Get Sick Post-Transplant
I will have my experience with CMV and low white blood cells burned into my brain.  But nothing can stop God's plan!  I made it a full year with my new kidney in tact! And we're less than four months away from another "transplantiversary." 

I Challenge You...
Apparently a lot of people were really into being hydrated!  This post had the fifth highest number of views.  Let's keep it going! 2 Liters or more...all day, err day!