Friday, January 23, 2015

Jewel Eats: One Pot Pasta

Hey y'all! It's...FRIIIIIDAAAAAY.  #thankyaLord.  And here we go with the second post in my adventure to try out some dishes from my new cook book, Martha's "One Pot."  Remember the Tuscan Roast, from two weeks ago? Awesome, right?  Yep.

Ben and I are going out for dinner tonight (YES).  I was planning on assembling something with our leftovers.  But last night, after semi-botching a dinner of steak sandwiches and feeling exhausted after the past few days of work, I told him I needed a night off.  Of course he was on board because that meant no dishes for him to do.  So we're venturing around Old Town/D.C./Arlington tonight for whatever fancy cuisine we can find.  But if you're staying in tonight, only have grape tomatoes, pasta noodles, garlic and an onion on hand...and don't want to mess up that many dishes...and only have 25 min...I have the recipe for YOU.

One Pan Pasta: Linguine with Tomato and Basil
And bonus: this recipe is available in the "One Pot" cookbook, and also on Martha's website!

Some thoughts about this recipe:

  • It's vegetarian..and happens to be one of the few vegetarian things my husband will eat without complaining or pressuring me to "add bacon." I'm not opposed to adding bacon by the way, but this pasta is so good that I don't have to waste any more time frying/baking it up.
  • If you look at the ingredients needed for this recipe, chances are you have all of them already in your kitchen.  I've made this pasta about five times and you don't need linguine (spaghetti noodles are a fine substitute), or fresh basil (it adds a great flavor but don't run out to the store and buy any if you don't have it), or even parmesan cheese (I think I actually forgot to add it this time).  
  • There is a such thing as adding too much water to the skillet.  So keep that aqua level in check.  I say this because I don't actually measure out 4.5 cups of water and pour it over. I simply hold the skillet under the faucet and eyeball it.  
  • This is easy. This is tasty. This is cheap.  Like I said, I've made it five times.  
  • As for sodium content, the recipe calls for 2 teaspoons of salt. HA!  So did not add that much.  I've found that adding a generous pinch to the water is just fine. Seasoning the pasta after most of the water has cooked out is always good.  And don't forget...parmesan cheese does have some salt in it, if you choose to add it.  
I just love easy pasta dishes.  However on Sunday, I'm making a lasagna.