Monday, March 9, 2015

New Thing I Love: The Increase

Hey people!  Guess what?  Two more weeks until Springtime! We're almost there! We are THIS close to being able to walk out of our abodes with our jackets unbuttoned or unzipped again.  We are THIS close to not having to fumble around in the morning for our cat-shaped earmuffs and snow boots.  We are THIS close to reducing that heating bill.  Word. 

In honor of the new season that is upon us, bringing with it a new weather pattern and new greenery and flower beds, I figured I'd share a few new things that I am loving right now.  First up, The Increase!

I discovered The Increase in February through the YouVersion Bible app that I use on my phone and tablet.  The Increase has a daily devotional that is supposed to last 21 days but of's taken me almost 45 days to get through it and I've still got ten days to go.

Each day you get a written devotional from an active or former professional Christian athlete, along with a scripture.  And then (this is my favorite part) you are connected to YouTube video testimony from each athlete.  Athletes...sharing how great God is.  I've had a difficult few days recently.  And I haven't always been able to throw myself in the Bible for a word or into prayer.  I've actually been turning to these Increase videos that remind me God is good. He is actually good and He is for us.

It's just so great to know that there is a community of believers within the athletic community that are just like the rest of us.  They go through things. They have family and personal struggles, just like us.  Just like us, they have to call on someone higher than themselves to protect them, provide, and comfort them.  God loves us all the same--even if I never get to go to the Super Bowl. 

Anyway, this website is really encouraging and inspiring.  I encourage you to check it out whenever you need to be reminded of who God is.