Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New Thing I Love-- Her Heart

One reason for April soaring past March in the "great months" category, is that I'm helping my good friend Christina host a bible study for the next five weeks all centered around growing our faith and getting fit.  This weekly study is just a small part of her long-term mission to create a world-wide community for fit and faithful women through her blog  "Her Heart."  


Whole: Spirit, Soul, Body

Christina had been wanting to do something to help women for a while and one day, she simply asked God about His for her. And from that she created this awesome way to combine woman-centered devotionals with fun workouts set to [good] Christian music.

Christina is so passionate about this mission, and I was incredibly honored when she asked me to help her run the program.  Right now, we're running things through our church's spring semester metro groups.  Every Monday, we meet with a group of women to discuss different topics and Bible scriptures.  Then, we SWEAT!!

While only people in the D.C. area can actually attend the group, Her Heart is designed so that anyone, ANYWHERE, can participate via our website.  

Soooo, without anymore rambling...hop on over to and get moving with us! And yours truly also has a post up about loneliness and how you can conquer it. ;)