Thursday, June 18, 2015

Kidney Update: Two Year Biopsy

The results are in!  Er...they were in about a month ago.   If you've been coming back to this blog over and over hoping to see an update on my kidney biopsy I had in April, here it is!  I didn't meant to keep you on edge.  And just so you know what you're in for, I'M O.K.

Blood Pressure:  124/94
It was a little elevated at my biopsy appointment, but other than that, nothing to report on this front! I have been enjoying wonderfully low pressures for about two months now, and have no reason to believe that this won't continue.

Before I get into what the biopsy revealed here's a short refresher of what a transplanted kidney biopsy involves.  First of all, I was awake through it all.  And my doctor gave me two types of anesthesia to get me all good and numb. It was basically two shots that stung as the medicine filled up the right side of my abdomen.  Then usually a scalpel, he made a little cut on top of my transplanted kidney, and in the incision he inserted a huge, huge needle.  Once it's sufficiently penetrated my skin and the organ beneath, the doctor presses a button and "click"...a piece of my kidney is snatched out of my body.  Pathologists then analyze the tissue samples.

The news I's not's not's just news, I guess.  The pathologist said that yes, there is a small section of my glomeruli that are scarred.  If you remember, FSGS, the disease I had that caused kidney failure, is scarring of all the glomeruli.  In FSGS, most people have it so bad that more than 50 percent are scarred.  Thank God in heaven, that I am not there.

While there is some scarring, there's not really enough for it to be anything. Not any cause for concern or any FSGS.   But it's still something we have to watch.  FSGS returns within five years of transplantation for about 50 percent of patients who had FSGS before their transplants.  

SO.  Where do we go from here?  I don't know.  I guess I just keep doing me.  I guess things just continue along as they have always been. I take my fiftyleven pills, I monitor my vitals and I try my best to live a healthy lifestyle as best I can, five days out of the week. Because Sundays and Saturdays are my cheat days.