Monday, June 15, 2015

Second is the Best

I woke up this morning feeling just so, so lucky and blessed.  I've had a couple of days and months when I've felt like I've just been dealt a bad hand of life.  But when I really think about it, that's not true for me at all.  Not one bit.  Ten years ago (plus about a week and a half) Ben and I agreed to become boyfriend and girlfriend.  And for ten years we've never broken up or said we didn't want to be with each other anymore.  I feel like that's a true blessing.  Because if you look at that time frame, we went through college and post-college together.  Those are some craaaazzzy years.  

We went through all that, and a kidney transplant, and were married on the perfect day in front of all of the people who are most important to us.  

So here we are.  Two years later.  I'd say the second year hasn't gone by at lightning speed, like the first one did.  And we've had a lot more stress-inducing situations this year than we did the first year.  But I am so blessed that every day Ben chooses to be part of our relationship, our family--and I am happy that I GET to choose him as well.  

I've never believed in "the one."  With all of the people on this planet, to say that there is only one person who will ever get you the way a spouse should is kind of ridiculous, in my opinion.  But I have to say--I genuinely cannot imagine doing this life within anyone else.