Friday, September 4, 2015

Our House, Our Rules

I took a pregnancy test on the same day that another one of our house buying offers fell through.  And five days later, we were under contract on a new house...the one we've been living in now for a little over a month!  
Ashman Manor

I wasn't so sure about this house when we first looked at it.  It's further from the main metropolis, which is a big deal where we live.  In D.C. 30 miles during rush hour isn't just 30 min.  It's more like an hour or an hour and a half depending on where you're coming from. But this turned out to be the best option for us since we realized we are expecting a new family member at the beginning of the new year.  All of the other places we'd looked at had two bedrooms.  Our house also has two, but also has a finished basement with it's own full bathroom, allowing it to become an extra bedroom if necessary.  

Burton/the baby's room

As for the exterior, we have a two story deck and a small backyard that we can't wait to fit with some nice outdoor furniture.  We already have a fire pit for the yard portion.  

And Ben and I have longed to be able to have our friends and families over, without the headaches that come with city parking rules and lack of space.  Our neighborhood has an abundance of visitor parking.    

This house is why this year, probably more than any other years, I'm excited for Labor Day.  It seems like we'll finally be able to take advantage of some of these sales on home stuff and furniture!  

One of the things at the top of our list is a grill, to use during football season, and so we'll be prepared when Memorial Day rolls around.  We've already gone back and forth about which type to buy.  My family is a family of charcoal grillers, through and through.  My dad's got his grilling style down to a science.  But Ben's had most of his experience with gas.  We agreed that we'll invest in a gas grill for now, to make it easier to cook outside on a whim or if we have friends over. And down the line, we'll replace our smaller, travel size charcoal grill with something bigger...for when we want our food taste good ;)  I'm kidding...i think.

We're also looking to get a bed frame, maybe some patio furniture, a rug, a microwave, and Ben really wants a blender.  Look at us! Labor Day sales!  Grills!  Furniture! It's almost like we're real...homeowners.  

Happy Labor Day.  Thank your union.