Tuesday, September 1, 2015

They Don't Talk About the First Trimester--Part Two

Welcome back for the second installment of my first trimester diary.  If you missed this post about why I'm sharing it, you can go back and read it here.   

Without further ado, let's just right into "Jewel's Emotions at about Six-Seven Weeks Preggo."

*   *   *

July 2:

The bleeding stopped!!

So I wrote that first sentence last week, after writing the last weekly recap, in hopes of coming back here with a success story.  A story about how the bleeding stopped.  

Well the good news:  It did! It did stop for, a few days actually, then it came back on Tuesday, June 30.  On Tuesday morning, after using the bathroom, I looked into the toilet at my pee and there was blood in the bowl.  Not even like, super brown blood like it’s been. But more fresh blood.  More reddish than before.  I decided that as much as I wanted to have faith that it would stop, that I should wear a pad. You know...a pad...like one you wear when you’re having regular periods. Not when you’re pregnant.  

I went to work on Tuesday wearing a pad, and I could just feel the blood leaving my body every second.  That’s when I decided, that enough was enough. I wanted to verify that I was still pregnant and, if I was, that the baby was OK.  So I called the doctor and she arranged to have a blood test to measure my HCG levels and then afterward, I was instructed to schedule an ultrasound.


UPDATE:  My blood test was good and I had a sonogram, (measuring 6 weeks 6 days).   I saw that the baby is still alive.  Coming next week...I have my first prenatal appointment.  

July 9:

This week, I think I finally learned what the word “fatigue” means.  During a weekend trip to my cousin’s house for Fourth of July, all I wanted to do was sleep.  Not watch fireworks. Not socialize at our huge family cookout.  I just wanted a nap...all the time.  And that’s kind of how I’ve been feeling ever since.   I think pregnancy symptoms are supposed to come and go, for some women at least.  Well, fatigue finally came into my life with a vengeance.

The boob soreness has let up some.  Right now it’s just a steady stream of mild tenderness, which is much more tame from the earlier weeks of pregnancy.

I haven’t had morning sickness yet, but at least couple of times I’ve been hit with a bout of nausea, either from something I smell or something I’m about to eat.

Remember the bloating?  Well that came back too. And I feel like it’s even more inconvenient now because I’ve started feeling hunger pangs. So I’m hungry, but I feel full most of the time.  My friend has recommended that I add more protein to my diet so that’s what I’m going to do.

--First OB Appointment--
Since I had my sonogram the previous week, there wasn’t much left to do this week at the OB.  I did have a pelvic exam though.  It’s always so fascinating to me how they can just feel that there is something in there.  The nurse practitioner pressed down on my stomach and said “Yep, there’s a growing uterus in there.”  It’s just like how some other doctors can poke around on your abdomen and feel all your organs.   So interesting to me.

So I had some blood work done and I gave them a urine sample.  I’m not due to go back for another 4 weeks and around that time I’ll be officially three months pregnant.  Which is exciting!  Time is flying. I have a sneaky suspicion that this month will go by FAST.  

Continued in Part 3!