Friday, March 10, 2017

The Hamilton Post I've Been Waiting For

Something awesome happened recently.

Ben and I went to see HAMILTON!!!!!

LOL I know right? 

Who? What? When? How the f$&^ did I get....little ol' I...get tickets to HAMILTON?  Well friends, my journey to Hamilton started about eight months ago.  I had just gotten home from work and was vacuuming the living room. I think we were preparing to have guests over or something.  That explains why I immediately dove into VACUUMING of all things, on a Friday afternoon...after WORK. 

Anyway, I was vacuuming when I decided to check my phone to see if I anybody loves me anyone had texted or called, because the vacuum and the music I had on were both pretty loud.  I had neither a text nor a phone call. What I did have was an email from one of my friends, who is probably even more of a Hamilton-head than I am.  The email read that the next presale event for Hamilton NYC tickets was starting...10 minutes before I got the email.  Yes, you read that right. When I finally opened up and read the email, the presale event had already STARTED. 

I tried not to hyperventilate and I dropped the vacuum.  It was still running and proceeded to open up about 13 tabs of Chrome on my laptop with the presale link typed into the address bar. You see, regularly priced Hamilton tickets--of the $100 or $200 variety--sell out at warp speed when they go on sell to the public. Based on that, buying my tickets through a presale event was my only real chance at getting Hamilton tickets that weren't $5,000 each, and my only chance at getting Hamilton tickets at all.  

So I frantically clicked on every day of the Hamilton performance calendar for January and February only to come to screens that took too long to load or days where there were no more open seats. Once, I found two seats and started the process for filling out my billing information only to have the seats sold right out from under me.  It was craziness. I felt myself sweating and getting dizzy and almost decided to give up on getting these tickets when I decided to try clicking on dates in March, just to see what was available. Going in March--this month--wasn't ideal because at the time I bought the tickets, March was so far away.  Who waits a year to see Hamilton?  A lot of people actually.  A whole lot of people.

Thinking that I would never get tickets, I clicked on a random day in March and two tiny side-by-side blue bubbles revealed themselves on the Ticket Master map of the theater. Two open seats.  Two open seats.  I clicked on them. I was taken to a page to put in my billing information.  And then I was taken to a page that said "You're going to see Hamilton NY!" And then I screamed.  

AND THEN I waited about eight months until finally, FINALLY the day arrived.  Ben and I took the bus from our house to New York City.

New Rebecca Minkoff for my Pills. Classy.
Staying in New York City is expennnssssiiiive.  But I used Amex Travel and got a really good deal to stay at The Kimberly Hotel.  Ben really wanted New York pizza once we arrived so we went to get that, about 2.5 hours before our reservation at an Italian restaurant near the theater LOL This part of the itinerary makes no damn sense, I know.

Once dinner was over, we walked to the theater and all that was left to do was find our seats and watch Hamilton!

This last picture was taken before the show. But we were both still smiling from ear to ear and couldn't stop talking about "how lucky we are to be alive right now" well after the final bows.