About Jewel

Hi! I’m Jewel, and I've been living with a kidney transplant for three years. In May 2013, my dad graciously donated his kidney to me, then walked me down the aisle on June 15, 2013,  to marry my best friend.  

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I Love… cooking everything, kidneys, desserts, families, Inova Transplant Center, food that's not in boxes, nurses, early detection, husbands, volunteering, National Kidney Foundation, living donors, organized pill boxes, deceased donors, traveling, HOPE, cherishing each moment, Jesus, keepin it real, and cats.

I Loathe… too much salt, high blood pressure, edema, people telling me to "smile," waking up too late, cats who knock over pill bottles and glasses, inconvenient genetics.

I Write…about living with kidney disease, living with a transplanted kidney, being pregnant with a transplanted kidney, living with a chronic condition, life after having a miscarriage, FSGS, waiting for a kidney transplant, low-sodium lifestyles, faith, being married to a healthy person, miracles, fears, hopes, dreams, God, loving my family, and loving life.

New to the blog?  Here's what happened!

In December 2012, my husband (then fiance) and I had our first consultation with a kidney transplant coordinator.  
Kidney Transplant?  'I'm Lovin It!' 

In January, I was unofficially (then officially) added to the organ transplant waiting list for a kidney.
Approved!  And an ABO Surprise. 

My sister tried to be my donor...
Interview with a Vampire...or Sister

But things didn't really work out.
Real Life, Fantasy, and Optimism

Meanwhile, I got sicker and sicker as my kidneys got worse and worse.
The End of the Road

I made preparations to start dialysis.
10 Things, One Tube

And right before my first dialysis appointment, I got a donor!  My dad!
When A Door Closes, A Dad Knocks It Down

Transplant Day arrived...
T-Day:  The Art of Remembering

And my fiance/husband was really worried.
When Your Fiance Gets a Transplant--Ben's View

But fortunately, the operation was a success!
We Did It!  And more tales from my hospital stay.

The crazy part:  this all happened while I was planning a wedding!

Every wedding planning post...EVER.